EMUS #32 “Random Access MashUps Pt. 2”

Show Summary

64b218b23a3b85db8de5db545cd58929_w800_v3Tonight –  Charles & Erin return from hiatus!  We apologize for the inconsistency in publication. Out of everything I (Charles) do as a professional podcaster this one is my passion project. Erin and I intend on putting these out when we can and perhaps to return to a regular schedule one day. As it is we hope you enjoy the episodes as we can put them out. Thanks for everything!

Wanna Watch the video?

This episode was filmed before a live studio audience. (not)  But it could be! Just swing by MashupPodcast.Com and tell C&E that you wanna watch ‘em live!  


The Songs:

Mashstix – HappyCatDisco – Shut Uptight Dance – Stevie Wonder vs Walk the Moon

Youtube – DJ Supreme Radioactive Disturbia – Rihanna vs Imagine Dragons

Youtube – DJ Filou- Pink Floyd vs Salt n Peppa

Youtube – Robin Skouteris – Girls Just Wanna Dance – Whitney Houston Cyndi Lauper Sean Paul

DJ Oki – Royal Birthday Cake – Rihanna vs Lorde


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