EMUS #32 “Random Access MashUps Pt. 2”

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64b218b23a3b85db8de5db545cd58929_w800_v3Tonight –  Charles & Erin return from hiatus!  We apologize for the inconsistency in publication. Out of everything I (Charles) do as a professional podcaster this one is my passion project. Erin and I intend on putting these out when we can and perhaps to return to a regular schedule one day. As it is we hope you enjoy the episodes as we can put them out. Thanks for everything!

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Wanna Watch the video?

This episode was filmed before a live studio audience. (not)  But it could be! Just swing by MashupPodcast.Com and tell C&E that you wanna watch ‘em live!  


The Songs:

Mashstix – HappyCatDisco – Shut Uptight Dance – Stevie Wonder vs Walk the Moon

Youtube – DJ Supreme Radioactive Disturbia – Rihanna vs Imagine Dragons

Youtube – DJ Filou- Pink Floyd vs Salt n Peppa

Youtube – Robin Skouteris – Girls Just Wanna Dance – Whitney Houston Cyndi Lauper Sean Paul

DJ Oki – Royal Birthday Cake – Rihanna vs Lorde


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